Important for those people live in cities—The Village Life

Amid past decades we had developing settlements from villages to urban areas. I think right now is an ideal opportunity to turn around it and help villages to keep their populace and decidedly develop it. Without perky and creating villages nations confront an excessive number of issues in nourishment, wellbeing, contamination and so on.

I have ventured out to various villages in various airs like desert, mountains, woodlands and islands. In the event that there be some youngsters and you have opportunity to chat with them about their fantasies, the greater part of them say they need to leave their village on the grounds that at their village they have not what network shows; renowned colleges, extravagant shopping centers, entertainment meccas, great doctor’s facilities, excellent young ladies or young men and so on when we converse with them about their village goodness, about their wonderful condition, their spotless air, natural nourishment, neighborly families and low dangerous life they will snicker. Since just some of the time, a few of us go to their villages on excursions, with our high class autos, take picture of them, utilize our vacuum apparatuses and toiletries, and when get-away complete we have part of rush to return to our urban communities; intends to our esteemed employments.

Individuals in the village need to know the amount we require them, the amount they are vital for those individuals live in urban areas. They should know their employments at their villages are as vital as the specialist’s occupations, as imperative as congresspersons and we need to demonstrate to them our regards. On the off chance that we truly require more natural and upbeat villages we need to urge individuals to go to villages, contribute, work and perhaps live there.

I figure governments have part of to do for this situation. Here in Iran, governors in view of awful system arranging (at any rate in my psyche) and over the top spotlight on modern processing plants and improvement, caused numerous harms in splendid terrains for horticulture, and made many void villages. Anyway now they attempt to settle it, however this attempt requires something more than only a procedure. Its need trust, craftsmanship and innovativeness and individuals sensitivity. On the off chance that we trust the significance of the villages, we will work for it.

I figure I influenced by a few occasions I have viewed by my eyes for this situation. So pardon me if this composition was excessively enthusiastic.

Posted in History by Filippo Volpe